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Sip on this. #twintea 😂
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→ Jul 2014 "Why does everybody think that women are debasing themselves when we expose the conditions of our own debasement? Why do women always have to come off clean?" — Chris Kraus, I Love Dick (via meredithmo)
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Louise Bourgeois - Oedipus, 2003
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"Some commentators have talked about the Rabbit as a spaceman. Others have seen him as the Playboy bunny, or an orator holding up a microphone where the carrot is." —Jeff Koons: A Retrospective curator Scott Rothkopf on Rabbit (1986).
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Literally every episode of The Hills.
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Alina Szapocznikow, Ceramika II, Ceramika I and Ceramika III, 1965
→ Jul 2014 I can’t believe I was at Ikea today and I didn’t crack any jokes about this lil guy.