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You guys, I love macaroni and cheese more than I love my own life or anyone in it.

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Homemade Healing Beet Kvass
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we love u Vickie and Maple kitty! (at Vicki’s Pink Thrift)

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erin morrison
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Vivian Maier
dat me
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Yuan Yatsuo
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t0ur1st: What's with the negative rep with LSP? I directly applied there and got in but after reading about it in forums, it seems that the program is looked down upon by others?


everyone who shit-talks LSP is a little bitch. if anyone gives you shit, you kick them right in the genitals and also don’t tell the police that we told you to when you get arrested.

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From Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler & Maira Kalman
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Theresa Pfarr